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Keeping Australia's critical food corridors moving

Energy crop farming
Closed loop energy crop farming

The Australian Biofuels and Energy Security Initiative is an integrated agribusiness program employing closed loop principles of "Integrative Ecology" to deliver fuel and energy security outcomes for Australia's critically important agribusiness corridors. On-farm cultivation of specialised energy crops provide reserve fuel capacity and independent electrical supply whilst simultaneously delivering soil health and carbon emissions reductions as part of an overall national resilience strategy.

Soil Health and Seed Husbandry
Biofuels Research
Fuel Security Energy Security
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Biofuel generators and refuelling point

The Australian Biofuels and Energy Security Initiative was conceived by a consortium of academia, manufacturing, agriculture and government in response to the increasing threats and challenges faced by Australia's agricultural and logistics sectors. It aims to address weaknesses in each layer of the overall fuel/electricity/water supply chain to provide integrated, robust national security solutions that free Australia from dependence on foreign supply chains and move us away from a fossil fuel based economy.

Latest News 
Biocube portable micro refinery

Maygar's Hill Winery

Biocube Installation and seed processing plant

January 2019


Maygar's Hill Winery, located approximately 14km south of Euroa, Victoria has installed a Biocube portable micro-refinery to complement their on-site mustard seed crushing facility.

Renewable Energy Hub

Andrew Peace Wines

Biodiesel generator installation

January 2020


Andrew Peace Wines in Swan Hill, Victoria has installed two biodiesel generator facilities to run their reverse osmosis irrigation and Stage 2 winery installations respectively.

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