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ABESI consists of industry partners, pilot agribusiness programs, academic departments and technology providers. Our founding members are listed below:
Renewable Baseload Generators logo

Renewable Baseload Generators performs the overall project specification, fuel system, generator and onsite refuelling as well as commissioning, grid-connection and rebate/financing structure.

Staunch Generators Australia

Staunch Machinery in Lebanon provide final assembly of the generators used in ABESI's pilot and proof-of-concept programs.

World link partners logo

World Link Partners are coordinating the blockchain based logistics infrastructure that enables the transition from a centralised petrochemical supply chain to a decentralised market model.

Pro Green Biofuels logo

Pro-Green Biofuels, with a long history of R&D in Australia, provides advice on suitable biofuel selection, energy crop and oil seed specification and biofuel processing facilities tailored to the requirements of each site.

Biodiesel Generators Logo.png

Biodiesel Generators provides Australia's only portable generators that are setup and warranted to run on 100% (B100) sustainable biodiesel. They are available for purchase, rent or JV ownership in sizes ranging from 250kVA to 640kVA and come with a full-service turnkey fuel supply package and biofuel-specific maintenance program.

Hot Didely Dogs logo

Hot Didely Dogs Australia is a hospitality business serving hot dogs at public events and acts as a marketing arm for the ABESI group. They coordinate waste cooking oil collection from various food truck locations to promote awareness of biofuels and the circular energy economy.

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