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The Australian Biofuels and Energy Security Initiative looks at the whole-of-business role of energy crop farming and biofuels production, from soil all the way through to the point of use of energy in the entire operation. This includes an overview of cost and profit centres with consideration to tax rebates, grants and other incentives, resulting in reduced time to capital outlay recovery.
Soil health programs
Soil Health Programs

As part of a crop rotation strategy, energy crop farming can simultaneously deliver pH adjustment, nitrogen fixing and carbon restoration as well as stabilising erosion, aerating and fertilising low-grade agricultural land.

Generators and biofuels refining
Generators and Biofuels Refining

We develop pilot programs for specific use cases, with dedicated generators, on-site biofuel refining, storage and refuelling solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each project. These can include grid connected systems and integration with solar, wind or other electrical systems.

Fuel and Energy Security
Fuel and Energy Security

Biofuels, when blended with mineral diesel at up to 20% are generally compatible with almost all farm machinery and diesel powered vehicles. Most engines can be operated on 100% biofuels with slight modifications or in emergencies, providing security both for farmers and logistics supply chains.

Pesticides and Fumigants
Pesticides and Fumigants

Our soil rejuvenation programs can be tailored with appropriate parent seed stock to simultaneously fumigate and reduce the incidence of pests, weeds and other unwanted elements using completely biodynamic methods.

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