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The Australian Biofuels and Energy Security Initiative works closely with universities, government and private sector research and development to tailor industry specific research programs for each of the layers in our closed loop supply chain structure.
Biofuels research
Biofuels Research

We are constantly investigating new chemical processes that allow diverse feed stocks to be used as inputs to our biodiesel processing programs. These feed stocks are not limited to energy crops and may include other industrial or agricultural wastes and by-products, ensuring flexibility and maximising closed loop business returns.

Seed Husbandry
Seed Husbandry

Through our academic and on-farm R&D programs we develop parent seed stocks that deliver high fuel yields under harsh conditions, conserving valuable water, providing soil rejuvenation and stabilising crop rotation cycles.

Biofuel ready machinery
Biofuel Ready Machinery

We create opportunities for industry buy-in to ensure that the biofuels programs we develop will be supported and remain compatible with manufacturer's requirements and fuel quality standards.

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